Whether you’re at the start of your separation, dealing with long-distance co-parenting, or introducing new partners to your children, our bespoke offerings are here to guide you through.

To further enhance your learning experience, we also conduct immersive in-person weekend retreats for both parents. These offer a serene environment at our beachfront location in Malibu, that combines expert-led sessions and therapeutic activities, fostering learning while promoting emotional well-being.

Our self-paced online courses, personally developed based on my extensive experience and understanding of the divorce and co-parenting sphere, touch upon a myriad of critical aspects. From grasping the emotional impact of divorce on children, to managing your own emotions and tackling the challenges of a digital age, these courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools crucial for successful co-parenting.

For interactive learning, we host online seminars, where you can engage in real-time discussions with others who are going through similar experiences. This platform serves as a supportive community to learn, share and grow together.

If a personalized approach is what you seek, our one-on-one online coaching sessions will fit your needs. Here, we delve deep into your unique situation, providing tailored advice and strategies that are most beneficial for your family dynamics.

Additionally, we offer FREE practical worksheets for both parents and children, designed to facilitate mutual understanding and adjustment to new routines and living arrangements.

Feel free to reach out for more information about our self-paced courses, retreats, online seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Remember, every family’s journey is unique, and at Always My Parents – Where Love Leads, Co-Parenting Succeeds, we are committed to walking this path with you, towards successful co-parenting.

A groundbreaking 20 year study published by The Lancet Medical Journal found that if Divorce/Dissolution/Separation is “high conflict” the effects can be significantly more severe. A child’s psychological needs increase exponentially as they live amidst emotional turmoil, often filled with relentless guilt, fear & confusion. Having personally worked with hundreds of children that have gone through the breakup of their family, it is clear that adjusting to the new living arrangements between two different homes, not really understanding why the divorce happened & wondering if it is “my” fault are just some of the challenges that children of divorced families experience.


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