From the experience of her own marriage breakdown, which she describes as the ultimate high conflict “car crash” of a divorce & over 25 years hands-on experience helping others through difficult & challenging situations, Tess saw a huge need for Divorce Coaches that focus on achieving “Child Centred Conflict Free Divorce”.

In her work with homeless teens from broken families, divorcing couples & blended families, she realised that more specialised courses & tailor made coaching that offered strategies, advice & support to help families move forward with as little conflict as possible would benefit families.

So combining her coaching & management skills with her own personal divorce experience she was inspired to create unique courses & bespoke coaching for couples with children who are looking to Divorce/Dissolve or Separate.

“Despite all my years  of experience helping others through difficult situations,  I was in no way prepared for the ending of my marriage. I was in a different country & knew no one, I was completely & utterly knocked out by it. It took everything I had to get through the daily minefield & emotional rollercoaster, but I had to be strong for our son. Though my background was Law I knew only the basics of Family Law. So I learned as much as I could, took class upon class & now use that knowledge to help others & have been doing just that for years.
It’s so important to me that I can help as many families as possible not only for the parents but primarily for the children. My son is 33 now & despite therapy, he has never really recovered. There is a famous saying “it’s easier to build strong children then mend a broken man” so that is my goal in life now, to encourage parents & teach them the skills & some techniques to ensure a “Child Centred Conflict Free Divorce”.