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Empowering Children Through Emotion: “AlwaysMyParents – I Feel Angry” Hits Shelves

 Malibu, January 22 2024 – In a world where divorce can cast long shadows on children’s emotions, “AlwaysMyParents – I Feel Angry” emerges as a guiding light.

Authored by Tess Cowley, this rhyming picture book, narrated by Tess and her son Richie, addresses the often-neglected topic of children dealing with anger during parental separation.

Why “I Feel Angry”?

This latest addition to the “AlwaysMyParents” series dives into the complex emotion of anger that many children grapple with during divorce and separation. Inspired by Tess’s personal journey and her son Richie’s experiences, the book takes a whimsical yet sensitive approach, providing young readers with coping strategies and a reassuring voice. It aims to provide comfort, guidance, and understanding to children aged 3 to 11.

Audiobook Featuring Real Voices

One unique feature of “I Feel Angry” is the audiobook narration by Tess and Richie themselves. This personal touch adds authenticity and intimacy to the storytelling, allowing children to connect on a deeper level with the characters.

Free Resources for Families

“I Feel Angry” doesn’t stop at the book. Tess is committed to providing free resources to families navigating divorce and separation. From practical tips to heart-to-heart chats, she’s fostering a community where conversations can flow and healing can begin.

 Available Formats

The book is available in multiple formats—Audible, Kindle, and hardcover. The audiobook lets listeners carry the comforting voices of Tess and Richie wherever they go, while the hardcover edition adds a tangible, lasting element to the experience.

A Personal Note from Tess:

Tess Cowley shares, “If only I had these tools when Richie and I were navigating the storm of divorce. ‘I Feel Angry’ is not just a book; it’s a conversation starter, a comforter, and a friend for children dealing with big feelings.

About the Author:

Tess Cowley is a co-parenting coach with a passion for creating resources that guide families through the challenges of divorce. With over 29 years of personal and professional experience, she weaves real-life stories into whimsical rhymes to make complex emotions accessible for children.


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