As society changes, “coaches” are becoming increasingly popular as people seek them out for many different aspects of their lives as they are highly effective for men & women alike.
A Divorce Coach should not be confused with a Lawyer and a Lawyer is certainly not a coach. A divorce coach is a neutral third party & works hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you have the emotional and legal support that you need. With the right coach it is possible to reframe how you feel, help you find yourself & speed up the healing process.

Divorce, Dissolution & Separation are extremely stressful, often confusing, complicated & always an emotional rollercoaster for the adults. But, even amicable divorces can result in deep sadness and intense emotions for the children.

As your Divorce & Accountability Coach, I can support you at any stage of your Divorce/Dissolution. My unique approach & range of proven strategies are borne out of my own car crash of a divorce that resulted in my former husband taking our child & disappearing across different states for 6 months. An event that our 30 year old son has never truly recovered.

Educated inboth Law & Clinical Psychology, I offer a bespoke service tailored to fit your needs & desires. I promise to serve you wholeheartedly & treat you with the highest quality of care as together we navigate through the process. I will help you to transition with total confidence into the next phase of your life creating an environment that promotes lasting peace & transformation for you & your family.

Unlike other coaches, a major focus of our work together will emphasize on creating a “Conflict-Free, Child Centred Divorce” for the well-being of your children throughout & after.

Because our coaching is tailored to your needs, we offer a variety of communication methods that respect your time while still meeting your needs. whether you want a one off session to get you set on the right track, on-going coaching, or one of our courses there is something for your personal situation. But first, lets have a chat to see if we are a good fit arrange your Free 30 minute Consultation

A groundbreaking 20 year study published by The Lancet Medical Journal found that if Divorce/Dissolution/Separation is “high conflict” the effects can be significantly more severe. A child’s psychological needs increase exponentially as they live amidst emotional turmoil, often filled with relentless guilt, fear & confusion. Having personally worked with hundreds of children that have gone through the breakup of their family, it is clear that adjusting to the new living arrangements between two different homes, not really understanding why the divorce happened & wondering if it is “my” fault are just some of the challenges that children of divorced families experience.


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