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The enchanting first book in the Rhyming Robo-Family Series, “Always My Parents – Family Time” follows the lovable Robo-Family, particularly the endearing children Robo-Richie and Robo-Mae, on their journey through the challenges of divorce. With engaging rhymes, vibrant illustrations, and relatable characters, this book sets the stage for a series that aims to provide comfort, guidance, and understanding to children aged 3 to 11.

Robo-Richie, a resilient young robot, finds himself navigating the emotional ups and downs of his parents’ separation. Through vivid rhymes and enchanting illustrations, the book vividly captures his feelings of sadness, worry, and confusion, while also highlighting the love and resilience that bind their family together.

Join the Robo-Family as they embark on a visit to a counselor, engaging in heartwarming conversations that emphasize the power of open communication and understanding during times of change. “Always My Parents – Family Time” addresses the unique concerns and questions that arise during divorce, offering reassurance and a sense of connection to children experiencing similar challenges.

Tess, a tenacious writer who thrives on the power of storytelling, embarked on a mission to create empowering books for children after witnessing the lasting impact of divorce on her own family. With a burning desire to address the pain and offer guidance to children and parents navigating divorce, Tess poured her heart onto the pages of “Always My Parents – Family Time.” Her unwavering belief in the importance of every child feeling seen, heard, and cherished drives her to create stories that foster resilience, understanding, and emotional well-being.

“Always My Parents – Family Time” goes beyond a traditional storybook, providing practical tools for parents and children to navigate the emotional journey of divorce. The book includes Emotion and Feelings Worksheets and Worries Worksheets, allowing children to explore and express their emotions while equipping parents with guidance to support their child’s emotional well-being throughout the divorce process. Additionally, the book features 365 positive affirmations that can be cut out and shared, nurturing daily moments of connection and empowerment.

The Rhyming Robo-Family Series aims to empower children, parents, educators, and therapists with its seamless blend of imaginative storytelling, heartfelt rhymes, and helpful resources. By embracing the power of rhymes and relatable characters like Robo-Richie and Robo-Mae, the series strives to uplift, inspire, and guide children towards resilience, understanding, and a brighter future.

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“Always My Parents – I feel Angry”

Dive into the world of Robo-Richie in the latest emotional adventure from the “AlwaysMyParents” series. In this enchanting story, Richie grapples with the intense emotion of anger in the midst of his parents’ separation.

Through the magic of rhymes and enchanting illustrations, “I Feel Angry” tenderly unveils Richie’s world as he navigates the tumultuous waters of anger. The book serves as a gentle guide, offering not just a narrative but a collection of coping strategies and insights for children wrestling with this complex emotion.

“I Feel Angry” is a vibrant exploration of Richie’s emotional landscape, vividly illustrating the twists and turns of anger as it unfolds. This book is a focused and playful guide, delving into how Richie’s anger manifests and, most importantly, how he learns to navigate and transform it.

Through the power of engaging storytelling and captivating illustrations, readers witness Richie’s journey from the initial sparks of frustration to the eventual calm that comes with understanding. The narrative doesn’t just address anger; it intimately explores the nuances of this emotion, providing children with coping mechanisms and insights.

Available in Audible, Kindle, and Hardcover—because every child’s journey deserves to be heard and held.

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